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Reese is on the cover of the new issue of People magazine, in a feature about her festive plans. The magazine features festive photos taken to promote Draper James, and in the interview Reese talks about what she plans to give her kids for Christmas, her holiday traditions, and New Years Resolutions. Find scans from the magazine in our Gallery – and be sure to pick up a copy yourself! Merry Christmas, Reese fans!

Reese Witherspoon on What She’s Giving Her Kids for Christmas (and What She Really Wants!)

Reese Witherspoon‘s got a list, and she’s checking it twice!

The star, 40, is gearing up for the holidays by making sure all her family’s favorite things are under the Christmas tree, especially for her three children: daughter Ava, 17, son Deacon, 13 (from her first marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe), as well as son Tennessee, 4 (with her husband of five years, agent Jim Toth).

“My kids already have fond memories of our Christmas traditions,” says Witherspoon, wearing the Winter Deer Skirt ($195) from her clothing line Draper James in the photo below. “They’re definitely not grown up. They still love presents.”

So what’s she getting for them? For Ava, she’s turning to her teenage daughter to guide her. “She wants blue jeans and a cool coat,” she says. “I told her to tell me exactly what to buy. I don’t want to guess!”

As for Deacon, “He’s really into music, so we’re getting him a keyboard.” And for her youngest, she says “He’s super easy.”

“We’re going with the oversize, soft Lego blocks,” she says of Tennessee. “He loves to make forts, walls and obstacle courses out of them.”

And when it comes to her husband Toth, she says, “We help each other out” and pick out one thing for each other.

“I tell him what I want and he tells me what he wants and then we just wrap it up so there’s something under the tree,” Witherspoon, whose new movie Sing is in theaters now, explains.


Inside Reese Witherspoon’s Family Christmas: Cookies, Caroling and Gingerbread Houses!

Whether she’s borrowing from her childhood memories or creating new ones with her kids, Reese Witherspoon and her family love their holiday traditions.

“Even though they are growing up, my kids already have really fond memories of our Christmas traditions,” the Sing star tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Gingerbread houses, and we have to have Advent calendars. These are things where you think, ‘Oh, they’re not noticing …’ but then I forgot the Advent calendars this year, and Deacon was like, ‘Mom! Where are they?!’ I didn’t realize how important they were to him!”

This year Witherspoon and her brood — daughter Ava, 17, son Deacon, 13 (from her first marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe), and son Tennessee, 4 (with her husband of five years, agent Jim Toth) — will spend the holidays traveling to see family in Georgia and Tennessee.

But no matter where she celebrates, Witherspoon’s southern roots are on full display. Her clothing line, inspired by her grandparents, who she writes on Draper James’ website “taught me everything I know about gracious southern living,” features a host of new holiday arrivals and gift ideas. In the photo above, Witherspoon wears Draper James’ Embroidered Preston Top ($185) and the Amaryllis Apron ($48) above, and below, the line’s Winter Deer Skirt ($195).

Even her go-to holiday food, the down-south classic honey-baked ham, and her favorite Yuletide activities, Christmas caroling, trace back to her childhood in the south. “I love Christmas caroling,” she says. “I remember bundling up and walking around the neighborhood. It’s one of my favorite holiday memories from being a kid in Nashville.”

Now, the actress’ kids are forming holiday favorites of their own. “Ava bakes tons of cookies, Tennessee likes to make waffles with me, and Deacon is such a good helper, he’ll help with anything,” Witherspoon, wearing Draper James’ Wreath Witherspoon Dress ($195) below, says.

A little extra help goes a long way for Witherspoon, who can get pretty busy with raising her kids, promoting her new animated movie Sing and running Draper James, among other things.

Last month, she also announced the launch Hello Sunshine, a new cross-platform brand and consumer-facing content company dedicated to telling female-driven stories. Her production company Pacific Standards is now part of Hello Sunshine. The company will begin to share content in 2017 at, as well as across other platforms.

So it’s understandable the actress and producer doesn’t usually have much energy left for New Year’s resolutions.

“I usually have the same ones everyone has. Drink more water, exercise, eat healthier … but I just break all of ’em, so I don’t pressure myself,” she says with a laugh. “I’m like, I’m doing enough! If I do any more, I’m going to fall over!”


Reese Witherspoon: How I Teach My Kids to Give Back

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Reese Witherspoon is taking some time to give back to one of her favorite charities, Girls Inc. And she’s making sure her whole family — including Ava, 17, son Deacon, 13 (from her first marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe), and son Tennessee, 4 (with her husband of five years, agent Jim Toth) — is involved, too.

“Every year we pick a charity that we really love, to invest in a project all year long,” the star, 40, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story, on newsstands Friday.

“This year we’re doing Girls Inc. I’m so moved by their after-school programs,” she says, noting she loves the programs about self-esteem, social media and financial education.

The national non-profit, which started in Connecticut in the 1860s as a response to the new working class of young women in the Industrial Revolution, is dedicated to helping provide girls between the ages of 6 and 18 feel empowered through opportunities like after-school programs, research and advocacy.

“It really gives young women a leg up during critical years,” says Witherspoon, wearing the Winter Deer Skirt ($195) from her clothing line Draper James in the photo above.

Therefore, she’s been getting involved by visiting a lot of different Girls Inc. sites across the country.

“I’ve been visiting a lot of the locations,” she says. “I think it’s just such an incredible program and it’s been going for over 150 years in this country. They just help kids a lot.”

And she’s not at it alone — her kids join her in this philanthropic endeavor. They just joined her to host a charity screening of her new animated film, Sing, last weekend to benefit the organization. And they’re not stopping there: “We’re going on a site visit in January, and then we go on site visits in Nashville and Dallas.”

If you want to learn more or get involved with Reese’s favorite charity, check out


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