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January 4, 2009   •  Category: "Monsters Vs. Aliens"7 Comments

‘islander90′ has informed that during a football game on NBC, it was mentioned there would be a 3D trailer for DreamWorks’ next animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens shown during the Super Bowl telecast on February 1, as well as during a special 3D episode of NBC’s Chuck to follow later in the month. Viewers would need to pick up special glasses to be able to watch the commercial in 3D.

They later found this interesting tidbit about how the 3D episode of Chuck came about which seems to confirm the plans for a 3D event during the Super Bowl this year:

It was NBC[‘s idea]. They were doing this big promotion inside of the Superbowl and handing out 150 million 3-D glasses, so we are the beneficiaries of that. Initially their plan was to have a bunch of shows do it, but it was logistically complicated, so Chuck seemed like the best fit for that type of thing.

Monsters vs. Aliens is scheduled for release in conventional, In-Tru 3D and IMAX theaters on March 27.


Comment by Amy on Jan. 5, 2009

New year, new layout please! 🙂

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

Reese fans???!!! anyone helloooooo???!!!!! Ms. Reese Witherspoon just won the People’s Choice Award tonight (Wednesday, 1/7/09) that she was nominated for, Favorite Female Movie Actress i believe lol and i saw her win and make her acceptance speech and she looked absolutely stunning and young and gorgeous and made an amazing speech!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the bestttt!!!!!! i didnt see her in the audience b4 she won so i didnt think that she was gonna win because with this award show, i think u are informed if u won or not actually prior to the awards show so it isnt a surprise for them but w/e but its a surprise for viewers (unless maybe u voted than i guess u are maybe informed as to if the person u voted for won or not ahead of time?! lol) but anyway i didnt see her there so i thought that she was prob just home helping her two children with their homework haha since its a weeknightt/schoolnight!!! hahaha but she was in fact there, the camera just hadnt gotten to her yet i suppose, and she beat out Angelina Jolie ( for her movie “Wanted”) and also Keira Knightley (for her recent film “The Duchess”) all 3(only 3 nominess rather than like 5 for this particular awards show, i dont think it is good that it started at 9 rather than 8 too and that its on a weeknight rather than the usual Sunday evening awards shows, it just makes it much harder for fans to watch, but whatever, after all what are we gonna do to change that?!) of them are of course quite talented Hollywood actresses, but of Reese is by far, by 10 trillion billion miles actually, the bestt!!!!!!!!!! sooo congratulations and thanks everyone, for reading this endlesssss comment i just wrote!!!!!! hahha im guessing the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards will air on TV again, just not Live!, so that we can all get another chance to glimpse the fabulous Reese in all her typical awards show glory and beauty, or if worse comes to worse, check youtube for clips of her acceptance speech and possibly a red carpet interview..who even knows??! hahah Also, she was nominated in the special category added this year, Favorite Star under the age of 35 years old, but sadly, lost to the AMAZINGGGGGLY beautiful and extraordinarily talented female country singer star and American Idol Winner of 2005, Miss Carrie Underwood (who is currently 25, while Reese is 32.) the category included singers, musicians, movie & tv actors/actresses, male and female included and was a tribute to all the young-ish haha stars of today. it was added because this year marks the 35th annual People Choice Award’s AND is the 35th year of People Magazine!!!!!!!!! sooo yeahh thats about it, although its a bit unfortunate that Reese lost that award, just look at who won it!!!!! Carrie Underwood is fantastic, my mom often gets her confused w/ Reese actually idk why haha but they are both blond and from the south and the similarities prob end there ahha but idk who knows, anyway they are both amazing performers, and people and are its soo great that both of them won tonight, carrie was up for 2 other awards that as far as i know she won one of, but possibly the other one too!!! her and Reese win everything in sight that they are nominated for, so one loss will not do even a small dent to their enormously successful careers!!!!!!!!!!! haha Reese has an Oscar/Academy Award and a Golden Globe under her belt (among numerous others of course/obviously!!! they will go unnamed since there are simply wayy too many) and Carrie has a couple Grammy’s under her awards show belt i believe. i am clearly huge fans of both of them and know wayyyy too much about them and their careers for even my own good ahha i have written fan mail to both of them and gotten responds back, it shows how great people they each are and how much they truly care about their loyal fans and the undying support they get from them all the time/constantly!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ sorry that is soooooooooooo long
p.s. i have closet doors/whole walls in my room dedicated to Reese and Carrie, with magazine pics of them and stuff i know its creepy lol but i love both of them soo much!!!!!!! more than words can even say 🙂

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

pps Didn’t Reese win a People’s Choice Award in like 2005/2006 for her WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLL performance in Walk the Line for her potrayl of June Carter Cash???! i seem to remember it, gosh she really does win every award she is nominated for, no matter what, it was funny i dont want to give it all away but tonight durring her acceptance speech she won this year for Four Christmases (her holiday comedy (hilarious might i add) with Vince Vaugnn) and she won for Walk the Line before i believe, so she said a couple/few years ago i won for singing/acting in a movie about Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and this year I win for having a baby throw up on me hahahahahahahaha u will prob only understand that if u have seen Four Christmases, or at least just the particular clip in one of the trailers/previews/commercials for the movie in which a baby throws up on her hahaha its just such a contrast, and such a difference in roles, one was a drama/musical movie and this was a holiday romantic comedy hahahah gotta love her and the People’s Choice Awards, as stupid as the awards show may seem haha if she wins, its gotta be good hahah heck if she even comes its gonna be a great awards show that night!!!!! she has already proved herself to everyone she can now stop winning and give other ppl the awards and just relax haha she is practically a screen goddess and legend at age 32 and she only started around like age 14, in Man in the Moon!!!!

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

ppps. the clip that they showed when they were announcing the nominees for favorite female movie actress, was the clip of Reese in Four Christmases, when the baby threw up on her hahaha just to clear things up a bitt lol

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

ppps. i promise my last for a long time, so sorry, i just wanted to say that her hair is/was long again at the awards show like it looked like what it did for some of her Avon promotion work, the Golden Globes 2007( famous Nina Ricci yellow dress and red heels, after split from Ryan Phillippe, her transformation!!haha) and in Four Christmases and Rendition and possibly even what it looked like in Penelope, but it was really long, maybe even a little longer than at those events and in those movies, and she had bangs i believe, soo i wonder if it was extentions???! prob, she looked sooo amazing though!!!

Comment by Mycah on Jan. 8, 2009

A new layout is on it’s way guys!

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