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August 27, 2011   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Site UpdatesComments Off on “Election” film screencaptures!

“None of this would have happened if Mr. McAllister hadn’t meddled the way he did. He should have just accepted things as they are instead of trying to interfere with destiny. You see, you can’t interfere with destiny. That’s why it’s destiny. And if you try to interfere, the same thing’s going to happen anyway, and you’ll just suffer.”

Many Reese fans will recognise those sharp words as spoken from the mouth of the oh-so-slightly determined and ambitious Tracy Flick, one of the protagonists in Election, and today I have added over 1,000 screencaps from that film! We also have caps from the DVD Menu’s, but sadly my DVD does not have any extras. To say Reese is brilliant in this film is an understatement … she gives an incredible and hilarious tour-de-force performance as the driven high school student. The film itself is so smart and well written, it’s a real gem. Definitely one of my all-time favourite Reese performances and movies.

I capped it whilst listening to director Alexander Payne’s commentary, and so updated the Trivia on our Election filmography page along the way. Obviously that page is still a work in progress but there’s some interesting tidbits there to start you off with.

Post a comment/send me a tweet/email if you want to see caps from a particular movie re-added next!

Election > Film Screencaptures x1106
Election > DVD Screencaptures – Menu’s x8

August 27, 2011   •  Category: "Water For Elephants"2 Comments

Starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, escape to a world of forbidden love, danger and intrigue for a great night in this autumn with Water for Elephants (2011) released on Blu-ray Triple Play on 5th September from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Water for Elephants tells the powerful and emotional story of two people who fall in love against all odds, set in the alluring and enigmatic world of a travelling circus.

Heartthrob Pattinson (Twilight) stars as Jacob, a penniless and recently-orphaned veterinary school student, who parlays his expertise with animals into a job with a second-rate travelling circus. Jacob falls in love with the star performer and Circus owner’s wife Marlena, played by Academy Award winner Witherspoon (Walk The Line). Against all odds – including the wrath of Marlena’s husband August, the charismatic but unbalanced circus ringmaster portrayed by Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) – Jacob saves Marlena from an unhappy life and they find lifelong love, amidst the world of the Big Top.

Based on the international best-selling novel by Sara Gruen (#1New York Times) and directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), the Blu-ray Triple Play is packed with special features including deleted scenes, featurettes and a Robert Pattinson Spotlight.

Blu-ray Special Features (2 DISCS)


Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
Raising The Tent
The Menagerie
Secrets of The Big Top
The Star Attraction
The Travelling Show – Page To Screen
Robert Pattinson Spotlight
Working Without A Net: The Visual Effects of Water for Elephants
Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
Theatrical Trailer


Robert Pattinson Spotlight
Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
Digital Copy – iTunes file / E-Copy – WM file


August 25, 2011   •  Category: Gallery UpdatesComments Off on “Best Laid Plans” DVD extras screencaptures

I seem to be on a DVD extras screencaps roll, and so today’s update is screencaps from the Best Laid Plans extras! This DVD also had some pretty good extras, with lots of deleted scenes and a short but nice featurette with cast interviews. Best Laid Plans is one of my favourite Reese movies, and one that I think is over-looked in her career. It was a tense little film, with lots of twists and turns. It also kind of marks the end of Reese’s edgy 90’s movies run, as she broke into more Hollywood roles soon after.

450+ caps can now be viewed in our Gallery, and caps from the movie will be up soon.

I have my Freeway DVD sitting in front of me now, so you can probably expect some caps from that over the weekend 😀

Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Menu’s x6
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Featurette x68
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Nick & Bryce By The Pool x5
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Charlie’s Collectibles Unlimited x71
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Nick & Lissa Plan To Leave Town x93
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Nick & Lissa On The Hotel Roof x28
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Plotting The Robbery x20
Best Laid Plans > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Alternate Ending x127
Best Laid Plans > Trailer A Screencaptures x31
Best Laid Plans > Trailer B Screencaptures x31

August 24, 2011   •  Category: Gallery UpdatesComments Off on “Just Like Heaven” DVD extras screencaps

I have more film-related caps for you today! I have made and added over 700 screencaps from the Just Like Heaven DVD extras. We are treated to quite a few extras on this DVD, including a Gag Reel, several deleted scenes, a making of, and cast featurettes. So there’s lots of good Reese footage and therefore screencaps! This film is so pretty, so jump on in and enjoy the caps!

Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – The Making Of Just Like Heaven x221
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Meet The Cast x194
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Gag Reel x191
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: David & Elizabeth In The Garden x67
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: David Gets Pulled Over x11
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: David And Jack Talk x4
Just Like Heaven > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Alternate Ending x18

August 24, 2011   •  Category: Advertising Campaigns, Lindex, Video Updates1 Comment

I’ve just come across the first few Lindex adverts! View them below:


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August 22, 2011   •  Category: Career, Gallery Updates, News & Gossip, Video Updates1 Comment

Reese has recently been announced as the new face of European fashion chain Lindex! She will front their new ‘California Denim’ Autumn campaign and will be seen in adverts online, as well as outdoor billboards, TV and newspaper advertisements. Reese was chosen for this campaign because she is “positive, warm and full of energy” and suits the “relaxed style with Hollywood glamour” feel of the campaign.

HQ pictures from the campaign photoshoot and the set of the shoot, plus screencaps from the behind the scenes video have been added to our Gallery. Further down this post you can read information about Lindex, plus the press release that announced Reese’s involvement. There is also a behind the scenes video with cute footage from the shoot and snippets of interview with Reese.

Commercials & Advertising > Lindex (2011-) x181

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August 20, 2011   •  Category: Gallery Updates2 Comments

I have a real treat for you today, Reese fans. I’ve added over 1,000 screencaps from Reese’s tour-de-force performance in Walk The Line … but they’re not just any old screencaps – thanks to my fabulous friend Maria, we have them in HD blu-ray quality!! The screencaps are just gorgeous and once again reminded me why I love this film so much. For those of you who, like me, absolutely adore this film, these caps will be sure to put a smile on your face 🙂 The pictures do the talking – enjoy…..

Walk the Line > Film Screencaptures (Blu-ray) x1,179

August 6, 2011   •  Category: Gallery UpdatesComments Off on “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde” Stills

Continuing with the Legally Blonde theme, I’ve added 28 stills from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde to the Gallery today.


– Movies > Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde > Stills

To celebrate our 16 years online, here we are spotlighting 16 of our favourite Reese things from the past 16 years. You will see a new one upon refreshing or changing the page.

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