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Since its opening in 2001, Glamour Reese Witherspoon has had tens of different layouts. Unfortunately all of the old captures have been lost, so this section houses the layouts since June 2005, when Riika took over the site from April. I always try to make sure our layouts are classy yet fun, so as to reflect Reese’s personality and image.


Version One (Made by Ivan)
From 15th June to 4th August 2005
This layout marks the re-opening of Glamour Reese Witherspoon. Since I basically completely re-wrote/did everything seen here, I wanted a fresh look to match the new site so I asked Ivan to create something different. I have always loved the Davis Factor photoshoot, in which Reese shows an edgier side of herself, so I requested something bold and dark to make a difference from the usual.


Version Two (Made by Ivan)
From 4th August 2005 to 27th November 2005
When I saw the new Marie Claire photos, I immediately knew they’d look wonderful in a layout. After the dark, sassier layout I wanted something softer and more ‘professional’ looking and I really think Ivan did a great job with this one.


Version Three (Made by Jess)
From 27th November 2005 to 4th March 2006
During Reese’s Just Like Heaven press circuit, we wanted a new fresh look for the site and Jess came to the rescue. She teamed up Reese’s feminine premiere look with a grungier layout theme and we, along with the fans, think she did a great job!


Version Four (Made by Linda)
From 4th March 2006 to 8th October 2006
We were looking for a design that would be simply outstanding and very professional to celebrate the upcoming Academy Awards and thought Linda would be the perfect designer for the occasion. Indeed, the layout turned even more gorgeous than we had dared to hope for and it ended up staying online for eight months!


Version Five (Made by Frederik)
From 8th October 2006 to 1st May 2007
We next aimed for a simple, yet effect look and that is exactly what Frederik came up with. Using a rare set of photo outtakes of Reese from the 1990s, Frederik created a professional and fun layout that was nice to look at. It stayed up for nearly eight months because us and the fans truly loved it.


Version Six (Made by Mycah)
From 1st May 2007 to 19th October 2007
Although this layout is much darker than originally intended, as well as a radical departure from the previous look, we were extremely pleased with the results. Although dark, the splash of mango and lime color really pulls it together. After we launched it, we received the best feedback we ever have with over 30 comments on the new look and new site!


Version Seven (Made by Mycah)
From 20th October 2007 to August 2010
Mycah came up with this vivid, unique and fun layout when Reese’s Elle 2007 photoshoot emerged. Mycah and Riikka wanted to go for something less dark and more girly and fun and thought this layout certainly was all of that. It showcased Reese’s then-upcoming film Penelope, as well as a fun animation highlighting some of Reese’s previous films. It (unintentionally) ended up staying up for over 2 1/2 years due to site maintenance and a change in owners.


Version Eight (Made by Mikaela)
From August 2010 to July 2011
This layout was launched, slightly later than planned, in August 2010 to mark the site’s change in owners (which actually took place in late 2009) and a re-vamp of the site. We wanted something completely summery and fresh, and this gorgeous image from Reese’s 2009 photoshoot for Elle magazine provided that inspiration for our designer Mikaela. It proved a big hit with visitors, with some saying it was one of their favourite layouts we’ve had here. The layout kept a touch of summer at the site for a year, and it was definitely easy on the eyes!


Version Nine (Made by Mycah)
From July 2011 to January 2013
It seemed fitting to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Legally Blonde with a super-fun themed layout here, so Mycah came up with this creation for us. Emphasising Elle’s sassy nature and fondness of pink, the layout also captured some of our favourite Elle scenes and quotes. This was definitely our most fun layout to date, and may even make a re-appearance in the future!


You are currently viewing Version Ten.

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