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2006 Oscar Win – posted 05 Mar 2006

Yes, it is true! She did it! Ms. Witherspoon was just been crowned Best Actress at the 78th Annual Acadamy Awards for her magnificent performance as June Carter in Walk the Line! On behalf of all of Reese fans, I’d like to congratulate her for the amazing performance, victorious award season and for winning the most prestigious film award possible. We are so proud of you!

Please leave your congratulations to Ms. Witherspoon in the comments and stay tuned for full coverage in a couple of hours!

Read what Glamour Reese Witherspoon‘s visitors had to say. Please note the comment is only the opinion of one person, and does not necessarily reflect ours.


From Jen
   • Congrats to Reese for an amazing performace and an amazing acceptance speech! All of your fans are very proud of you. Continue to do the amazing roles you do and maybe we can get some more Oscars under your belt.

From Belinda
   • Oh my gosh!!! Reese really really deserves to win the Oscar!!! I live in Australia, so was refreshing the web page as the winners were announced, and cheered and dance when Reese’s name appeared!!! CONGRATULATIONS REESE!! YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!

From Michelle
   • I am thrilled…just thrilled she won. I have loved Reese since I was a little girl watching Man in the Moon. I am so giddy with excitement.

From Sam
   • I am sooooo happy that Reese won!!! Because of her performance, this is the first time I bothered to watch the Oscars. She looked absolutely beautiful in that dress too.. she look like a Southern belle.. kind like Scarlette O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. And her speech was very emotional and heartfelt.. it kinda made me tear up.

From Juliana
   • Huge congrats to Reese on her win! She was such a sweetheart, absolutely glowing and wearing a gorgeous gown (not to mention with a gorgeous hubby). What a perfect night.

From Mycah
   • Congrats!!!!! I couldn’t be more proud of you Reese! I was so happy for her I started crying. She truely deserves this! I love you Reese, keep up the amazing work.

From Stephanie
   • WOO-HOO!!!!!!! Yeah, to Reese….. I am so happy she won. She is such an amazing actress. She stretched herself for this role and it paid off. Congratulations to her and to her hubby. She is so amazing. Congratulations on Academy Award.

From helmuthwilliam
   • I’m not much in favor of actor’s fansites. It’s taking idolization too far. A fantasy world, BUT, I make an exception here. I first saw Ms. Witherspoon in the movie Election and I was hooked. In Walk the Line I couldn’t wait for Ms. Witherspoon’s scenes. I always believed that Meryl Streep is the best American actress, watch out Meryl! Don’t look back! A certain Reese is gaining on you fast! Congratulations to a beautiful, multi-talented young woman named Reese Witherspoon.
– Bill from Portland, Oregon.

From Sandy
   • I’m so proud and excited for Reese. She’s completely deserving of this award. Her speech was perfect, and her dress was absolutly stunning.

From Twila
   • Reese, Congratulations on being best Actress… you deserved that win… you honored June Carter by your love and dedication to her music. Also, thank you for recognizing Phoenix for being Johnny… because June was his love, his strength, and his soul-mate. Thank you both for giving us a great movie.. I already have the DVD!

From Jeana
Congratulations to our Ms. Witherspoon. She is being recognized as the amazing actress she is. And what a sweet acceptance speech!

From Becky
   • I am so happy that Reese got an oscar that she deserved! She was absolutly wonderful as June Carter Cash! Keep up the great work Reese…and I’ll never forget you as Elle Woods!

From Scott
   • Congrats Reesie! Ever since I saw you in Overnight Delivery, I knew you’d win an Oscar if you got the right role you really deserve it. Not that you even met me, but I was an extra in Legally Blonde 2. I was about 25 feet from you when you were wrapping up your big speech to Congress (I was a Congressman). It was a pleasure just to be around you.

From Tanya
   • CONGRATULATIONS Reese!! You looked absolutely beautiful, and your speech brought tears to my eyes. I have children the same age as you, and connect with you in more ways than one. You are a wonderful actress, and an incredible Mom. CONGRATULATIONS again!!

From Marie
   • I watched oscar for the first time because of Ms. Witherspoon, and she won. SHE WON!!!! Congratulations!!!! She looked so radiant, and that dress is a classic, GORGEOUS!!!! Again, congrats, Reese deserved to win.

From Suzette
   • OK, so I have been jumping up and down since the Golden Globes because I had a feeling that Reese would win Best Actress. Congratulations to a fine actress and a person whom I admire for her strength and conviction to be one heck of a lady. YOU ROCK REESE!

From Pam
   • Thank you, Reese, for the most amazing, heartfelt, and wonderful acceptance speech I’ve ever heard. It made me cry when I heard you say it at the Oscars and again when I replayed it here today. You are a woman – a real woman – you make women proud and that matters!

From Holly
   • Congratulations Reese i was so excited that you won!!! You are such a true actress and you totally deserved it!!! i also want to say Happy Birthday because it is coming up on the 22nd of March the same day that my birthday is well wish you the best i will always admire the person that you are and look up to you and thank you for all the encouragement you give us girls and guys for becoming a actress or actor!congrats and happy birthday!!!!!

From Jonathan
   • Congratulations Again! I guess you have been a true inspiration to everyone over the last two decades. It is true that I admire your heart, beauty and grace. When I heard you won, I was so elated and thrilled I could cry… Best Wishes and Happy Birthday.

From Margaret
   • Miss Witherspoon:
I have to say I doubt you’ll read this, but I want you to know that you are such a lady, and I really am inspired by your grace and sincerity. I’m so glad that I’m able to look up to at least one woman in Hollywood, as well as letting my daughters, when I have them, look up to you as well. You are as lovely and strong a woman as June Carter, and a role model for all of us.
–Margaret Perry

From Athens
   • Congratulations for every award.

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