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2006 Golden Globes Win – posted 16 Jan 2006

I have brilliant news to share with you – Reese Witherspoon has just won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for her amazing performance as June Carter! Needless to say, the win was very well deserved and I could not be more proud of her!

I hope you all will join us in congratulating Reese by leaving your comments here.

Congratulations, Ms. Witherspoon!

Read what Glamour Reese Witherspoon‘s visitors had to say. Please note the comment is only the opinion of one person, and does not necessarily reflect ours.


From Lisa
   • Well done Reese! We’re all very proud of you and I cannot wait till WTL is released in Australia.

From Ann
   • Congrats Reese!! The award was given to the right actress. You brought June Carter Cash to life with such grace. You deserve this award and so much more.

From Lucy
   • I am so unbelievably thrilled and happy for Reese! I thought her acceptance speech was so incredibly sweet and amazing. Ryan was so cute, and so genuinally happy for her! I love them both, and am so happy for Reese. She deserves all the best, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan.

From Tommy
   • Reese Witherspoon finally got the recognition she deserves…. Congratulations.

From Jonathan
   • Everyone has confirmed what we have all known for many years… that Little Ms. Type A is something special. Tonight is most certainly your night and hopefully a lot more is to come… Congratulations and best wishes to the family as well… We could not be any prouder than we are tonight.

From Mary
   • I couldn’t be happier for you Reese!! You so deserve the Golden Globe Award and and Oscar. You are such a sweet, down to earth, wonderful person. CONGRATULATIONS!!

From Sarah
   • Congratulations on your Golden Globe win Reese! You always show such grace and class in all you do. I have great appreciation for your talent and thank you for being such a wonderful role model.

From Bella
   • Congratulations Reese on your Golden Globe win can’t wait to see walk the line in Australia. Also will be watching the Golden Globes tonight and her acceptance speech well done Reese you are a very deserving winner and a wonderful actor.

From Tommy
   • Reese Witherspoon finally got the recognition she deserves…. Congratulations.

From Patricia
   • Congratulations Reese! You deserve the Golden Globe and so much more. Thank you for being a woman that I can look up to and respect so much.

From Jeana
   • Congratulations Reese!! Also, congrats to Joaquin and Walk the Line πŸ™‚ Wonderful performances, great movie. Reese’s amazing performance inspired the son of June and John to tear up and say “she captured my mother.” That definitely deserves a Golden Globe πŸ™‚ Beautiful performance, beautiful woman, thank you for inspiring me Reese.

From Pauk
   • You are wild! Keep up the good work and I personally wish you all the love in the world. Your hard work is paying off isn’t it?

From Jeff
   • Snaps for Reese!! My wife and I are big fans and have respect for how you carry yourself. Must say that Man in the Moon is still our fav!! Be blessed.

From Colby
   • Reese, I am so happy for you! I have been a long time fan of yours, and think that your ability to portray so many different characters is amazing; from Election to Legally Blonde to Walk the Line. You are truly an amazing actress… one who is in it for the love of acting, not for who sees you at what party. You truly deserve this moment and your soon to be Oscar!

From Sandy
   • I was thrilled to see Reese win at the Golden Globes, I loved her speech, the part about her kids and family made me cry. It just goes to show how much she is a devoted wife and mother. Congrats Reese!!

From Cecilia
   • Congrats, Congrats!!!I love how Reese ended her speech: “To my two lovely children and husband, you are my everything and nothing is worth having in my life if I can’t have you to share it with. Thank you.” WOW!!! David Carr, the Carpetbagger of NY Times said Reese gave one of the better speeches & said she “looked smashing and demurely wrapped the press around her finger.” I thought Reese looked very classy, as always.

From Whitney
   • Thank you, Reese, for your inspiring performance in Walk the Line! It’s so great that you used this movie as a way to express your Southern roots and ability to open new doors and try things you’ve never done before. You deserved that honor, and I trust you will have a bright future.

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