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Reese appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier today, to promote the upcoming 2nd season of Big Little Lies. It was another fun interview, with Reese talking about the show, Meryl Streep, Legally Blonde 3, The Morning Show and her kids! Watch clips from the episode below, and find high quality stills in our Gallery:

Reese Witherspoon Says Legally Blonde 3 Is a ‘Great Idea’: ‘Not That Much Has Changed’ for Women

Reese Witherspoon thinks it’s a perfect time for her Legally Blonde to come back.

The Big Little Lies actress stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about her upcoming projects, with include the second season of her hit HBO show and an Apple TV series with Jennifer Aniston. But another role potentially on her docket is a return to Elle Woods and the Legally Blonde franchise, which last debuted the sequel in 2003.

“Well, we’re meeting about it. We’re definitely talking about it,” Witherspoon, 43, told host and pal Ellen DeGeneres about making the movie. “I mean, it’s sort of about women being underestimated and I think it’s sort of a good idea. Things have changed, but not that much has changed! I loved playing that character and she’s so amazing. I don’t know, if you guys want it then I guess I’ll do it!”

Witherspoon last confirmed the possibility of a third movie back in June 2018 by slipping back into the pink sequin bikini Elle wore for her Harvard Law application in the original 2001 film.

“It’s true,” she wrote on social media, captioning a video of herself in the two piece as she drifted on a blue pool float.

The video was originally shot in 2016 when she tried on all her old costumes to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the movie.

Ellen DeGeneres and Reese Witherspoon Battle for Jennifer Aniston’s Friendship by Calling Her Up

Ellen DeGeneres is calling in the big guns to settle a friendly debate with Reese Witherspoon.

Witherspoon appeared on DeGeneres’ show on Monday, where the two got into a silly spat over who is closer to mutual pal Jennifer Aniston. And it seems like this competition for Aniston goes a little deep.

“We always have the best time together,” Witherspoon first tells DeGeneres after the two recount partying at Aniston’s recent 50th birthday party.

“Do you think you and I have a better time together than you and Jen?” DeGeneres asks.

“Well, I mean, Jen and I know each other better because we’re really, really good friends and we just finished our television show that we have coming out together, it’s called the Morning Show,” Witherspoon answers, plugging their upcoming Apple TV show.

“Yeah, she told me she needed a break, she was glad it was over,” DeGeneres jokingly hits back.

“Oh, are you saying you’re better friends with Jen than me?” Witherspoon replies.

“I don’t need to say it, it’s obvious. A lot of people know that,” DeGeneres says.

The two continue on for a while, and DeGeneres finally gets an answer later in the show when she decides to call up Aniston. Though the actress initially rejects DeGeneres’ call, she later texts her saying to call back because she’s on the treadmill.

“So Reese Witherspoon, she somehow thinks that she and you are better friends than you and I are, and I just wanna settle this once and for all that you and I are better friends than Reese and you,” DeGeneres tells Aniston.

“Yes honey, we’ve cleared this up. Haven’t we?” a slightly out of breath Aniston answers. “Yes darling, that’s based on almost 30 years of knowing each other.”

Witherspoon can next be seen in season two of HBO’s Big Little Lies which debuts in June, while The Morning Show is said to premiere on Apple TV later this year.

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