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Reese kicked off famed jewellery brand Tiffany & Co’s holiday season with a breakfast in her honour at their New York City flagship store yesterday. Reese looked at potential Tiffany gift items, before joining guests for a seasonal breakfast at Tiffany’s first ever retail dining concept, The Blue Box Cafe. At the event Reese chatted about her mother’s influence on choosing gifts for people, what she’s getting her family for Christmas, and the role of Tiffany’s in Sweet Home Alabama! Reese wore a deep red lace dress by Lela Rose, with Tiffany & Co. jewellery. We have the first HQ photos for you in our Gallery:

Tiffany & Co. Holiday Breakfast with Reese Witherspoon x14

The Reason Why You’ll Always Spot Reese Witherspoon Wearing This Ring

As much as we love that engagement scene in Sweet Home Alabama, we can’t help but hate it a little bit, too. No real-life engagement could possibly ever live up to having access to a totally empty Tiffany flagship and being allowed to pick just the exact thing you love. Dreams! As it turns out, Reese Witherspoon loved filming that scene just as much as we loved watching it. In fact, she later recreated it!

She told us this over actual breakfast at Tiffany (at their newly opened Blue Box café at their Fifth Avenue Headquarters—which is fantastic). Among the other things she told us? Her most prized piece of jewelry once belonged to her grandmother, and her daughter, Ava (whose recent debutante debut was beyond stunning), has free reign over her mom’s closet.

How did it feel shooting that insane engagement scene for Sweet Home Alabama?
“[Filming at Tiffany] was incredible. It was one of my first movies that I was the star of, and we were looking for a company that would let us do this incredible scene where a man comes in and picks out an engagement ring, and proposes, and Tiffany got on board and let us shoot here. It was just an incredibly magical experience to get to shoot at Tiffany all night long.”

If you could pick anything in the store for yourself, what would you pick?
“Ooh, it would definitely have to be from the front of the store! The big counter with all the gorgeous jewels! I actually like pearls, too—I love pearls, my grandmother wore them all the time.”

Do you have a go-to gift strategy for people who are difficult to shop for?
“I like to focus on what my mom always told me, which is quality over quantity. Something beautifully handmade, or something made with a lot of care, I think, is paramount to having a whole lot of things.”

What’s your most sentimental piece of jewelry?
“I have my grandmother’s wedding ring—my sister-in-law has her engagement ring, but I have her wedding ring. I wear it all the time, it reminds me of my grandma. And I have my mother’s signet ring, too, which makes me really happy.”

Do you plan on giving your daughter your jewelry?
“Yeah, that would be amazing. She wears all my clothes… She just goes and takes them. [laughs] It makes me happy that she wears them, though; the more use things get, the happier it makes me.”


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