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Wow, massive congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Big Little Lies who cleaned up at The Emmys last night!! They won a total of 8 awards, including Best Limited Series – which was a personal win for Reese as an executive producer – acting awards for Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard and Laura Dern, and directing for Jean-Marc Vallee. Find their full list of wins further down this post. On behalf of all Reese fans I think I can say how proud we are of her for the wonderful work she did both in front of and behind the scenes of Big Little Lies – this was clearly a passionate project for her and we’re so happy for her and the success and impact it’s having! And the same goes for the entire cast and crew who put together this fantastic show.

Reese was accompanied to the event by her husband, Mum and daughter, and posed on the red carpet with Nicole. Reese looked smart in a blue satin jacket dress by Stella McCartney (Reese wanted to wear a female designer), with a Tyler Ellis purse, shoes from Christian Louboutin, and David Webb jewellry.

This post will be updated with coverage from the night over the next day or so. To start with, we have a ton of videos from the red carpet. Photos are coming very soon….

The Emmys x194
The Emmys – HBO Reception x16
2017 – Emmy Awards x255

Best Limited Series
Big Little Lies (HBO)
Fargo (FX)
Feud: Bette and Joan (FX)
Genius (National Geographic)
The Night Of (HBO)

Best Actress in a Limited Series or a Television Movie
Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies)
Jessica Lange (Feud)
Susan Sarandon (Feud)
Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies)
Carrie Coon (Fargo)
Felicity Huffman (American Crime)

Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Television Movie
Laura Dern (Big Little Lies)
Judy Davis (Feud)
Jackie Hoffman (Feud)
Regina King (American Crime)
Michelle Pfeiffer (The Wizard of Lies)
Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies)

Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Television Movie
Bill Camp (The Night Of)
Alfred Molina (Feud)
Alexander Skarsgard (Big Little Lies)
David Thewlis (Fargo)
Stanley Tucci (Feud)
Michael K. Williams (The Night Of)

Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special
Big Little Lies – Jean-Marc Vallée
Fargo – Noah Hawley
Feud: Bette & Joan – Ryan Murphy
Genius – Ron Howard
The Night Of – James Marsh
The Night Of – Steven Zaillian

Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Drama
David E. Kelley (“Big Little Lies”)
Charlie Brooker (“Black Mirror: San Junipero”)
Noah Hawley (“Fargo”)
Ryan Murphy (“Feud: Bette and Joan”)
Jaffe Cohen, Michael, Michael Zam & Ryan Murphy (“Feud: Bette and Joan”)
Richard Price & Steven Zaillian (“The Night Of”)

Casting for a Limited Series, Movie or Special
David Rubin (“Big Little Lies”)
Rachel Tenner, Jackie Lind & Stephanie Goran (“Fargo”)
Robert J. Ulrich & Eric Dawson (“Feud: Bette and Joan”)
Avy Kaufman & Sabrina Hyman (“The Night Of”)
Ellen Chenoweth (“The Wizard of Lies”)

Outstanding Cinematography for a Limited Series or Movie
Big Little Lies – “You Get What You Need” (Yves Bélanger, CSC, Director of Photography)
Black Mirror – Nosedive (Seamus McGarvey, ASC, Director of Photography)
Fargo – “The Law Of Vacant Places” (Dana Gonzales, ASC, Director of Photography)
The Night Of – “Ordinary Death” (Fred Elmes, ASC, Director of Photography)
The Young Pope – “Episode 1” (Luca Bigazzi, Director of Photography)

Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Limited Series or Movie
Veronique Barbe, David Berman, Justin LaChance, Maxine Lahie, Sylvain Lebel & Jim Vega (“Big Little Lies”)
Henk Van Eeghen (“Fargo”)
Regis Kimble (“Fargo”)
Curtis Thurber (“Fargo”)
Jay Cassidy & Nick Houy (“The Night Of”)

Contemporary Costumes for a Series, Limited Series or Movie
Alix Friedberg, Risa Garcia & Patricia McLaughlin (“Big Little Lies”)
Paolo Nieddu, Jennifer Salim & Mary Lane (“Empire”)
Allyson B. Fanger, Heather Pain & Lori DeLapp (“Grace and Frankie”)
Hala Bahmet, Marina Ray & Elinor Bardach (“This Is Us”)
Marie Schley, Hannah Schneider & Leslie Herman (“Transparent”)

Hairstyling for a Limited Series or Movie
Michelle Ceglia, Valerie Jackson & Jose Zamora (“American Horror Story: Roanoke”)
Michelle Ceglia, Nickole C. Jones, Lona Vigi, Frances Mathias & Jocelyn Mulhern (“Big Little Lies”)
Chris Glimsdale, Penny Thompson, Judy Durbacs & Eva Blanchard (“Fargo”)
Chris Clark, Ralph Michael Abalos, Wendy Southard & Helena Cepeda (“Feud: Bette & Joan”)
Tash Lees, Fae Hammond, Adela Robova & Alex Rouse (“Genius”)

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)
American Horror Story
Big Little Lies
Feud: Bette & Joan

Outstanding Music Supervision
Better Call Saul
Big Little Lies
Masters Of None
Stranger Things

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Limited Series or Movie
Big Little Lies
The Night Of
Sherlock: The Lying Detective

How Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon Celebrated Their Big Little Lies Emmy Wins

Are you here for the Nicole Kidman circus?”

This is how a clipboard-bearing woman greeted guests at HBO’s Emmys after-party on Sunday evening. Sure, Big Little Lies collected five total wins earlier that night for stars Kidman, Laura Dern, and Alexander Skarsgård; director Jean-Marc Vallée; and the show itself in the limited-series category (a prize that was accepted by executive producers Reese Witherspoon and Kidman).

But judging by the sheer flashbulb density surrounding her, Kidman was the big little belle of the ball, as she posed with her two statuettes for photographers and kissed husband Keith Urban. (Urban was never far from Kidman all evening—holding her clutch as she talked to reporters backstage at the ceremony, and holding her hand and at least one Emmy the entirety of the after-party.) Kidman and Urban snaked their way through well-wishers to their assigned table, adjacent to co-star Witherspoon’s, in the moodily lit courtyard of the Pacific Design Center. Before Kidman sunk into a banquette, where she could sit-dance to music and feed her husband hors d’oeuvres, she was greeted by Ava Phillippe, Witherspoon’s 18-year-old daughter. Phillippe and Kidman hugged and shared a seemingly meaningful, several-minute conversation—eyes locked, holding each other by the arms.

Nearby, Laura Dern chatted with fellow nominee Michelle Pfeiffer—who is married to Big Little Lies writer David E. Kelley—before catching up with Ava Phillippe herself. As for Witherspoon and Kidman, they found each other to pose for a photograph, but otherwise held court in separate areas. (At one point Witherspoon’s husband, Jim Toth, was overheard asking, “Where’s Nicole?” to a man who responded, “Last time I saw her she was over there,” pointing to where she had been standing 10 minutes prior.) Co-stars Zoë Kravitz and Shailene Woodley were not seen at the after-party, dashing hopes of an all-cast champagne-glasses-in-hand after-party picture.

Kidman stayed at the party for about half an hour before leaving. On her way out, she was approached by admirers from every angle, almost all asking for a selfie. (Kidman, overheard describing the night as “a dream,” obliged in all cases.) Shortly thereafter, Kidman’s on-screen husband and fellow Emmy winner Alexander Skarsgård arrived and was similarly swarmed. Jack McBrayer (better known as “Kenneth the Page” from 30 Rock) looked elated to see Skarsgård as the two embraced like long-lost relatives reunited after years apart. Fellow Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman seemed thrilled for Skarsgård as well, and the two very tall men both (literally) stood out of the crowd as they caught up. At the Governors Ball earlier in the night, Skarsgård let friends pose for photos with his Emmy, near the Fiji Water station. When asked whether he had received an avalanche of congratulatory texts and e-mails since his win, the actor admitted, “I haven’t even turned on my phone.”

On Friday night, at the Variety Women in Film Emmys pre-party, Skarsgård—rocking a mustache that only an Alexander Skarsgård could manage to pull off—said that he and the Big Little Lies cast have kept in touch since the show stopped filming via a WhatsApp group. Since Skarsgård’s character, Perry—spoiler alert, for the three of you who have still not watched Big Little Lies out there—dies at the end of the first season, one would think he would not be involved in a potential second season. When these reporters brought up that point to the actor, Skarsgård just flashed a devilish grin. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that!” he said.

On Sunday evening, after collecting their Emmys but before hitting the party circuit, the Big Little Lies cast brought their shiny statuettes backstage and fielded questions from the press.

Witherspoon continued the sentiments shared in her acceptance speech, saying, “The fact that we created four roles for women [who] are the heroes of their own stories, that is the real watershed for me. They are complicated and complex, good and bad.”

Kidman spoke more about her character’s struggle with domestic abuse, saying, “That is what we do as actors . . . we are meant to do things that disturb us sometimes.” After a beat, she noted that she did just complete filming on a palate cleanser: “I just finished doing Aquaman, which did not disturb me.”

When Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty was asked what inspired Perry, Skarsgård’s abusive character, the writer replied, “It came from a really horrible ex-boyfriend who I took great pleasure in killing off . . . first in the book and then in the series.”

Wielding her two Emmys, Kidman said that the experience has allowed her more intimacy with her audience than ever before in her career—since she appeared in people’s homes each week.

Kidman, with her two Emmys, and Witherspoon, with her one, took turns at the microphone—which provided a bit of a technical challenge given their height difference. When a journalist who could not hear Witherspoon indelicately told the actress to lower the mic, the actress lamented, “I feel so short in so many ways today.”

One thing that the cast was reluctant to discuss in all of the frenzied champagne fervor: a potential Season 2.

“We are thinking about it, talking about it, but nothing definitive yet,” said Witherspoon backstage.

“I mean, we love playing these roles,” added Kidman. “Their story lines are so complex and interesting and it would be fantastic if we can continue them. But right now we are just savoring this moment because this is amazing.”

Earlier in the evening, Laura Dern told press that the future of the show is entirely up to Moriarty, who wrote the best-selling novel on which the series was based. When Moriarty made her way backstage, reporters asked the Australian author if she is indeed writing a future for her beloved characters.

“I’m thinking about it,” she teased. “It’s a beautiful possibility.”

(Vanity Fair)

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Celebrate Their Big Little Lies Emmy Wins at HBO Afterparty

At the HBO Emmy afterparty on Sunday night, Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were all smiles as they celebrated their big night.

At the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Witherspoon, 41, told reporters that when Big Littles Lies won outstanding limited series it was an “out of body” experience.

“[It was] amazing, overwhelming,” the actress continued. “[I’m] so happy for my sisters in this process and this incredible family that we’ve built with HBO.”

“We got four nominations for different female performances,” she added. “I felt like that was a big moment.”

“[I] set out four years ago to create better roles for women in film and television,” Witherspoon continued. “That was the win. I felt like we won before we got there that night. Just to have this, it’s just icing on the cake. I feel so lucky.”

“I think it was an incredibly night with Handmaid’s Tale and Elizabeth Moss and so many amazing women winning, people of diverse backgrounds and other cultures,” she added. “I think television is really shining a light and creating more opportunities for people to see themselves represented on film. I think about the little kids out there that need to see themselves, and I think it’s a very inspiring moment.”

When asked who she was celebrating with tonight, Witherspoon replied, “With my girls. I’m so excited.”

Kidman, 50, was also at the bash with her husband of 11 years, Keith Urban who was never far from her side and doted on her the whole night.

As Kidman accepted her Emmy on Sunday for outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie for her role in Big Little Lies, the actress thanked her fellow nominee and friend Witherspoon.

“Reese, I share this with you,” Kidman said. “I have a huge artistic family who have supported me through all of my ups and downs.”

“I also am a mother and a wife,” she continued. “I have two little girls — Sunny and Faith — and my darling [husband] Keith [Urban], whom I asked to help me pursue this artistic path, and they have to sacrifice so much for it. So, this is yours. I want my little girls to have this on their shelf and look at it and go, ‘Every time my mama didn’t put me to bed, it’s because of this. I got something!’ “

Also present at the afterparty were Laura Dern, who won for outstanding supporting actress in a limited series or a movie, and Alexander Skarsgård, who won for outstanding supporting actor in the same category. It was both Dern and Skarsgård’s first Emmy win to date.

Big Little Lies ended up walking away with 5 Emmys on Sunday, with director Jean-Marc Vallée also picking up a win for outstanding directing for a limited series, movie or dramatic special.

Despite its massive popularity, Kidman told reporters at the Summer Television Critics’ Association Press Tour that season 2 of Big Little Lies is “very up in the air unfortunately.”

“I believe their stories warrant [a second season] and I don’t want to abandon them. We don’t want to sell them short, either. But I’m hoping we can find it if we take the leap,” she added.


Reese Witherspoon, Kate McKinnon, Ben Affleck Party at HBO Post-Emmys

“My squad is here!” Reese Witherspoon squealed, as she arrived at HBO’s post-Emmy party held, per tradition, at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

The actress (and television network) had every reason to be in great spirits since “Big Little Lies” picked up several awards including Best Limited Series as well as individual wins for Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Laura Dern, and director Jean-Marc Vallee, who were all also in attendance at the party.

“I’m so happy for my sisters in this process and this incredible family that we’ve built at HBO,” Witherspoon said, adding that it was an “out of body, amazing, overwhelming” experience hearing the show’s name called on stage. “I set out four years ago to create better roles for women in film and television,” she continued. “That was the win. I feel like we won before we got here. To have this is icing on the cake. We feel so lucky.”

Witherspoon was equally excited that so many other women walked home with awards as well. “I think it was an incredible night with ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ and Elisabeth Moss and so many amazing women and people of diverse backgrounds and other cultures winning,” she said. “I think television is really shining a light and creating more opportunities for people to see themselves represented. I think that little kids out there need to see themselves. It’s a very inspiring moment.” So how did she intend to celebrate? “With my girls!”

Nearby, Witherspoon’s husband Jim Toth watched his wife proudly as she completed interviews. During which, a uniformed handler asked Toth if he was with the actress. “Am I with her? I’m married to her, so technically yes,” he quipped, moments before the two went inside to hang out with Witherspoon’s daughter, castmates, and Dern’s kids.

20-year-old Kathryn Newton, who played Witherspoon’s daughter on “Big Little Lies,” finally got a chance to catch up with her on-screen mother after realizing she hadn’t yet congratulated her on the show’s win. “I should have Snapchatted her,” said the Valentino-clad actress.

Jon Hamm may not have been up for any awards, but he knew the drill. Without being asked a question, the actor diplomatically called out, “I’m very, very happy for everybody tonight! Couldn’t be happier!” With that, he took a bow and went inside where John Oliver, Riz Ahmed, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and the cast of “Veep” were among the winners walking around with awards.

Kate McKinnon also won an award for her work on “Saturday Night Live,” but the comedian left her hardware at home. As she made her way inside via the guest entrance, in lieu of the red carpet, McKinnon kept her head down, hoping to go unnoticed. No such luck as someone called out well wishes. “Thank you so much,” she said, catching up with Don Lemon shortly after.

Inside the Royal Pavilion Brighton-inspired affair, Ben Affleck sat in a chinoiserie-patterned booth with his girlfriend, producer Lindsay Shookus, Larry David, and Jeff Garlin. Elsewhere, Jessica Biel hung out with a couple industry insiders while Janelle Monae found a friend in Tessa Thompson.

“Transparent” actress Amy Landecker attended with her dad who was in from Chicago. “This is the first year we didn’t actually go to the Emmys, so he’s feeling very disappointed,” she laughed. Landecker shared that she was wearing a vintage slip. “I’m basically in my pajamas. I’m channeling Hugh Hefner. Zendaya went out in her pajamas, so I was like, ‘Let’s take it up a notch.’ Basically, I could go to bed in the party if I want to.” Though she didn’t.

Julianne Hough, Evan Rachel Wood, Laverne Cox, and Thompson opted for post-party wardrobe changes while Amanda Crew remained in her Michael Cinco gown from the ceremony. “I feel like an alien superhero,” the “Silicon Valley” star said of her look. She then admitted that she couldn’t wait to hit the party’s Wolfgang Puck-catered buffet which included pan roasted bass, homemade gnochetti pasta, and dulce de leche for dessert. “Stephen Colbert did a great job hosting, but my one complaint is that last year Jimmy Kimmel delivered food from his mom,” she said. “Stephen didn’t get the memo that we’re starving in that audience and we’ve been on the carpet since two o’clock.”


Nicole Kidman Reveals Daughters Are Friends With Her ‘Big Little Lies’ Kids: They’re ‘at My House!’

Nicole Kidman is keeping it in the family!

The 50-year-old actress gushed about her daughters during her first Emmy win for Big Little Lies at Sunday night’s awards show, and backstage, she revealed to ET that she plans to celebrate with the kids from the series.

“I’m excited to celebrate with all these amazing children that Jean-Marc and David Rubin found that played our kids,” said Laura Dern, who won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.

“Some of them are at my house right now!” Kidman shared. “My girls are really good friends with the children in the cast, so three of them are at my house, so they now know that we won!”

“[I want to tell my kids] that I love them,” she added.

As for how the cast plans to celebrate, Alexander Skarsgard, who nabbed a statuette for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie, teased, “You’re about to find out!”

“I’m going where they’re going,” Kidman shared.

“Go to Reese [Witherspoon’s] house and get cozy, take our shoes off,” Dern offered, while Zoe Kravitz revealed her plans to “eat a burger and get on a plane.”

At the end of the day, Kidman said she’s proud to have been a part of Big Little Lies, which was nominated for 16 Emmy nominations and won eight.

“Reese called me up with [producer] Bruna [Papandrea] and said, ‘There’s this book, read it,’ and that was the beginning of it, and that’s a fantastic message to put out there, because it shows women that you can actually create opportunities for yourself,” she said.

(ET Online)


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