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Last night Reese attended the Los Angeles premiere of her new romantic comedy Home Again. She walked the red carpet with her daughter Ava, and posed with her director Hallie Meyers-Shyer, producer Nancy Meyers, and co-stars Lake Bell, Lola Flanery, Jon Rudnitsky, and Eden Grace Redfield. Reese wore a simple but striking red dress by Roland Mouret, with Christian Louboutin shoes. On the red carpet Reese chatted about what attracted her to the role, why she loves romantic comedies, her daughter Ava, her Emmy nomination, and her upcoming project with Jennifer Aniston. Reese looks so beautiful, and I love seeing her and Ava together! We have the first batch of HQ photos in our Gallery for you, and further down this post are some video interviews from the red carpet. This post will be updated with more coverage in the next few days too…

“Home Again” Los Angeles Premiere x98

Reese Witherspoon Talks Redefining Romantic Comedies at ‘Home Again’ Premiere

“There are a lot of women who are at a crossroad in their life wondering if they made the right choices,” said Witherspoon on Tuesday night.

Home Again, helmed by mother-daughter, director-producer duo Hallie Meyers-Shyer and Nancy Meyers, stars Reese Witherspoon and touches on what it means to start over at 40.

In Meyers-Shyer’s directorial debut, she told The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s premiere Tuesday at the Director’s Guild of America, she wrote the script with the intention of “wanting to say something about millennial men,” as well as “that time in a woman’s life right after they are separated or gotten a divorce and questioning their decisions and starting their life over.”

Reese joined the project as lead Alice, as she had been wanting to work on a movie with Meyers for a while. “I really love this script and I had been talking to Nancy for a long time about doing a movie where the woman is just getting divorced and then this script came along, which was written by Hallie and not Nancy, which was incredible.”

“I think there are a lot of women who are at a crossroad in their life wondering if they made the right choices, wondering if the life they chose at 25 is the life they want at 40,” said Witherspoon. “I thought it was really timely.”

Hallie teamed up with her mother and award-winning producer, Nancy Meyers, to tell the story of a woman who is not defeated by her divorce, but rather empowered by the change in her life. “I hope the audience can relate to what Alice (Reese) is going through,” said Meyers, “I think this movie is encouraging to other people who are thinking about making a change and wondering if they are going to ever feel good again.”

After Alice separates from her longtime husband, she ends up housing three young aspiring filmmakers that are trying to make it in the industry. Jon Rudnitsky, who plays one of the filmmakers Alice adopts, identified with his character and his personal struggle trying to make it in Hollywood.

“All three boys in the movie moved out here hoping to make it in this business and that’s me,” said Rudnitsky, ““Two years ago this time I was driving for Lyft because I didn’t qualify for Uber, I was dancing at Bar Mitzvah parties, and doing stand-up at seafood restaurants.”

He added that the film is changing up the modern-day rom-com and flipping stereotypes on their head. “I hope it makes audiences remember why they love movies, and I hope it makes romantic comedies good again because it’s been a long time since they have been.”

Home Again, will be released in theaters Sept. 8.


Reese Witherspoon on ‘Home Again’: ‘The Subject Is Quintessentially Female’

For Reese Witherspoon, Tuesday night’s premiere of Open Road’s divorce comedy “Home Again” at the Directors Guild of America Theater represented several milestones after nearly three decades in show business.

“It’s the first time I’ve worked with a mother-daughter team, with Nancy Meyers and Hallie Meyers-Shyer, which is a unique dynamic,” she noted on the red carpet. “Hallie’s a first-time female director. And I think the story is very timely and the subject matter is quintessentially female.”

Meyers-Shyer grew up as a child of Hollywood with her mother and her father, Charles Shyer, both well-known in the industry. She wrote the script about the daughter of a famous Hollywood director dealing with a divorce at the age of 40.

“It’s a good time to tell stories about women,” she noted. “Once Reese came on board, everything about this project exceeded my expectations. I love a funny girl. There’s nothing better than Reese in ‘Election.’”

Meyers and Erika Olde of Black Bicycle Entertainment began working on the project early last year, and brought Witherspoon on board last summer. Meyers-Shyer shot the film in Los Angeles in 30 days in December.

“They usually don’t come together that quickly,” Meyers admitted. “I’m very proud of my daughter.”

Reid Scott, who plays an agent in the film, said “Home Again” took him back to his own youth. “It’s the kind of film they don’t make much anymore — the kind of movie I grew up on so it’s nice to finally be part of one,” he added.

Lake Bell noted the similarity between her character in “Home Again” and “It’s Complicated.” “I got to be a b— again for Nancy Meyers,” she said with her trademark grin.

Before the screening, Open Road CEO Tom Ortenberg asked attendees to make donations for relief to the Houston flood victims. After the screening, the distributor held an after-party at Sunset Tower Hotel.

“Home Again” opens Sept. 8.


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