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Reese attended Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book Sustainability Panel in New York City earlier today, to discuss the fashion industry’s role in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Reese also spoke about the role of women in film, as well as the importance of celebrities using their status to promote positive causes. Reese looked smart in a little navy dress, and accessorised with Tiffany’s jewellery. Read more about the event further down this post, and find the first few photos in our Gallery. You can read more about the work Tiffany’s does on sustainability here.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Sustainability Panel


Reese Witherspoon, Michael J. Kowalski and Dudu Douglas-Hamilton joined panel to discuss ‘The Art–and Protection–of the Wild: Preserving Earth’s Treasures.’

Tiffany & Co. hosted an intimate breakfast and ‘In Conversation’ panel discussion at NeueHouse Penthouse focused on the theme of sustainability.

Panelists included Oscar® award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, who wore Tiffany HardWear; Tiffany & Co. chairman & interim CEO Mike Kowalski; and Save the Elephants Activist Dudu Douglas-Hamilton. The discussion was moderated by Tiffany & Co. chief sustainability officer Anisa Kamadoli Costa.

Discussion topics ranged from the rising demand for corporate responsibility and the role of business and brands to the journey of Tiffany jewels and the protection and preservation of wildlife. Mike discussed Tiffany’s commitment to environmental issues, which began 20 years ago and led to the brand paving the way for sustainable practices in the luxury industry. Reese touched on the growing importance of women’s rights and diversity in film, as well as the role of celebrity and influencers in raising awareness for crucial causes. Dudu gave a personal recollection of her family’s role in pioneering elephant conservation across Africa, combatting criminal elephant poaching syndicates, and recent successes as China begins to shut down its ivory trade.

Select quotes from the panel discussion are included below.

“I think it’s so important that we are making these films that represent different types of women. We aren’t black and white. We are a whole rainbow of colors and complexities, and we need to recognize that,” said Reese Witherspoon.

“It’s important to leverage the power of celebrity, the power of business and the power of consumer to ignite change,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Tiffany & Co. chief sustainability officer.

“The world is changing. [Consumers] can’t hide behind lack of knowledge anymore,” said Mike Kowalski, Tiffany & Co. chairman & interim CEO.

“The elephant crisis is too great for any one conservationist, NGO or even government to tackle. We need the support of everyone, including brands, celebrities and especially consumers, to save elephants from extinction,” said Dudu Douglas-Hamilton, Save the Elephants activist.

Reese also confirmed that she has been discussing a second season of Big Little Lies with Nicole Kidman, saying “It’s definitely a possibility!”


Reese Witherspoon Really Wants a Second Season of Big Little Lies

On Friday morning, Reese Witherspoon joined Tiffany & Co. for a panel discussion on the fashion industry’s role in protecting wildlife and the environment. Over bagels and avocado toast at NeueHouse Penthouse, the actress discussed supporting women and sustainability through her Southern-inspired clothing line Draper James and her film company Pacific Standard, which produced Gone Girl and Wild.

Tiffany & Co.’s chief sustainability officer Anisa Costa moderated the panel with the company’s interim CEO Michael J. Kowalski and activist Dudu Douglas-Hamilton of Save the Elephants, which works to stop illegal hunting of elephants in Africa and ivory trading in countries like China, where the demand is high.

Witherspoon argued that celebrities and brands must support causes like sustainability. She discussed the importance of empowering women as well, describing how Draper James partnered with the nonprofit Girls Inc. to create a “crash course” on economics for young girls and how her film company Pacific Standard only produces films with female stars.

Inevitably, the questions turned to Big Little Lies: Will there be a second season? “We are all really invested in the idea, it could possibly happen,” Witherspoon said. “I talked to Nicole Kidman yesterday and it’s definitely something we’re thinking about.” The show’s producers are reportedly brainstorming ideas now.

At the breakfast, Tiffany announced it will unveil a collection of elephant brooches and charms this fall, with all profits going to the Elephant Crisis Fund to support anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, and ivory-demand-reduction projects.


Reese Witherspoon Discussed a Potential New Season of ‘Big Little Lies’

This morning, Reese Witherspoon teamed up with Tiffany & Co. for a panel discussion focused on sustainability and protecting the wild.

Witherspoon was joined by Tiffany Chairman Michael J. Kowalski and Save the Elephants activist Dudu Douglas-Hamilton. The actress and humanitarian discussed her preppy lifestyle brand Draper James, working with Girls Inc., and of course, Big Little Lies.

Witherspoon described her Southern brand, based in Nashville, as catering to the “white space between New York and Los Angeles [where] people don’t feel seen.” For Draper James she makes a point of working with local companies, an issue her customers care deeply about. “The idea that a brand is created to raise awareness, to shine a light on certain issues is absolutely imperative at this moment,” she announced to a crowd silently snapping photos of the star, wearing an ultra-feminine navy, ruffled dress.

Her activism doesn’t end there. “I started a company four years ago just to make films for women, and our only mandate was to have a woman at the center of the movie or television show—you’d be surprised it’s niche,” she said, referencing creating the movies Wild, Gone Girl and TV show Big Little Lies. Her aim was to show “women of similar stature actually working together, exploring the inner lives of women.” She’s also been working with Girls Inc. to offer an economic literacy crash course, telling young women, “money isn’t controlling them, they are in control of their own lives and finances.”

Witherspoon’s star power didn’t detract from the powerful sustainability stories other panelists told. Kowalski explained how his love of diving led to the realization that coral farms didn’t exist; instead, coral was being harvested from reefs. Once he realized there was no sustainable way to use coral, the brand stopped carrying coral pieces. Douglas-Hamilton described her upbringing, joking she was “raised very closely to elephants…they felt like an extension of our family.”

But of course, the conversation came back around to the question on everyone’s mind…whether there will be a second season of Big Little Lies. “We are all really invested in the idea, it could possibly happen. I talked to Nicole Kidman yesterday!” Witherspoon divulged.


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