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March 24, 2012   •  Category: Films & Projects, Gallery Updates2 Comments

To conclude our week-long special of 5 Reasons Why We Love Reese to celebrate her birthday, we now have our 5th and final reason…

Please don’t be shy – post a comment on any of the entries and share with us why you love Reese, tell us your five reasons for adoring her, or telling us what you think about our reasons. Just type in your comment, hit Submit, and I will approve it asap.

If you’ve missed our week long exclusive special feature then browse back through the posts below to find a feast of Reese love, HD screencaptures and HQ photos.

And for the last time …

Reason #1 Why We Love Reese…

… Her movies

“I was thinking about why I make movies, and I know why. Life is hard. It’s nice to go escape and have a good time at the movies. If I can give people a movie about hope, love and the future, then I’ve done my job.”

Reese is one of the highest paid and most recognisable actresses working in Hollywood today, and with a string of hits behind her we can understand why! What I love most about Reese’s movies is that they are light-hearted, entertaining and (more often than not) fun. We all have those days when we just want to stick on a DVD for some light relief, and that is where Reese comes in. You can always count on Legally Blonde, Just Like Heaven, Cruel Intentions etc. to put a smile on your face. But it’s not just how entertaining the movies are – another key ingredient is Reese’s performance. Reese always brings real heart to her roles, and that can’t be evidenced more perfectly than in Walk The Line. When she’s at her best she is the heart and soul of the movie and that, coupled with the usual optimism of her characters, makes her so watchable. She’s just a likeable actress. You know you’re going to get something enjoyable when watching her.

“People want movies that make you feel good, that make you believe in love, in hope, in life, in humanity. And I refuse to believe that big, commercial movies have to stink.”

True, she does have tendency to stick with the romantic comedy genre. Those movies are often predictable, and stick to a tried-and-tested formula. Some fans, myself included, often wish she’d push out of her comfort zone a bit more often and try something new. We know she has the talent, so we’d like to see her show it off more! Not that we don’t appreciate her incredible comedic skills.

As long ago as it does now seem, back in the 90’s Reese was a bit of an indie starlet, taking on roles perfecting the sulky teen. The run of movies of S.F.W, Fear and the wildly trashy Freeway gained her the reputation of being a bit edgy, and then the double-whammy in the late 90’s of Pleasantville and Election turned her into a critical darling. Election is still considered to be one of her finest movies, and perhaps her greatest performance to date, and who can argue with that? Reese is darkly hilarious as the unashamedly determined Tracy. Reese’s 90’s flicks are still fun to watch … especially when you consider how different the roles she takes now are!

Whatever the genre, Reese brings her unique charm to every role and there are some classic moments within them which showcase that charm and screen presence to the max. Who can forget Elle Woods’ classic one liners and strangely correct logic about hot tubs, boneheads and heinous angora sweaters? Ten years on and we can all still remember those quotes by heart, and they haven’t lost their funny. Or when we, and Johnny Cash, fell under the spell of June as she bounced along to Jukebox Blues. Then there’s the maniacal voiceovers by the insanely competitive Tracy Flick, promising anyone who messes with her destiny that “you’ll just suffer”. And if you’re looking for an example of Reese’s inherent adorable-ness on screen, look no further than when Annette drops her guard and tries to loosen Sebastien up by pulling funny faces at him while they drive in his car together.

To celebrate our love of Reese’s movies, the Gallery has been updated with tons of stills from several of those movies – some early, some recent, some popular, some less familiar. Click the thumbnails below to go to each Film category that been updated. Take a peek, and enjoy!

What’s your favourite Reese movie? Who’s your favourite character? What are your favourite scenes from her movies?


Comment by Kristin on Mar. 25, 2012

Thanks for a GREAT site! Love it. I really liked Reese in Fear and Cruel Intentions. I think she was at her most beautiful and charming then. My favorite scenes are:
the elevator scene in Cruel Intentions (with Ryan)
the scene where she meets Mark Wahlbergs character for the first time (in Fear).

But in all her movies, she has incredicle charisma and the camera loves her! She is stunning.

Comment by Jess on Apr. 5, 2012

She really does have great charisma doesn’t she! She makes all her movies watchable … she’s always such a joy to watch.

I haven’t watched Cruel Intentions for ages … I will have to dig out my DVD and remind myself of that elevator scene!

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