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March 20, 2012   •  Category: Films & Projects, Gallery Updates, Other, Video Updates3 Comments

Continuing our week-long special of 5 Reasons Why We Love Reese to celebrate her birthday this Thursday, below is our 2nd reason and it’s update.

You are more than welcome to post a comment on any of the entries and share with us why you love Reese, tell us your five reasons for adoring her, or telling us what you think about our reasons. Just type in your comment, hit Submit, and I will approve it asap.

Remember to check back daily for this special feature, as we mark Miss Reese’s 36th birthday week.

Let’s get into it …

Reason #4 Why We Love Reese…

… Her Southern charm

“Why do Southern women make bad prostitutes? ‘Cuz we have to write so many thank-you notes!”

– Reese’s favourite joke

Reese is not shy about her Southern roots, and proudly admits she strongly values manners, morals and self-respect. Reese is grateful for what she has, works hard for it, and carries herself elegantly and with class. In an era where the wilder and more superficial you are, the more fame and attention you get, Reese’s class is both refreshing and endearing. We think this quote says it all about Reese:

“Being a Southern person and a blonde, it’s not a good combination. Immediately, when people meet you, they think of you as not being smart.”

She may be blonde and Southern, but she is certainly smart as well!

We also respect Reese for trying to instill these morals in her kids, saying that she won’t allow her daughter to dress inappropriately, and that her kids won’t be spoilt. She admits that she can’t get them to call people Sir and Ma’am though, as she had to when she was a child!

“I was treated like a second-class citizen because I had an accent. That taught me to become assertive – something I really lacked in my personality. I would never have gone anywhere in this business by being shy and retiring.”

It’s not all serious business though. Reese has a hilarious and often deadpan sense of humour. She’s also not afraid to poke fun at her accent, and can be heard slipping back into it, and also using it in a mocking way, in some interviews.

We love that Reese values her Southern upbringing, and it just adds to the reasons why she is so unique in Hollywood!

“I grew up in Tennessee. We didn’t know what Louis Vuitton was. I had to order all my prom outfits out of catalogs”.

“I don’t fuck around. I don’t think it’s a joke that people put up $20 million to finance a movie. I show up. I know my lines.”

For our update today, I’ve added screencaptures from the movie where Reese’s Southern charm is most evident – Sweet Home Alabama! Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favourite Reese movies, and she’s so funny and moving as Melanie. Did you know that Reese’s brother was her driver for this movie? She says that they fought every morning in the car, and that helped bring her accent back out – “The accent always comes out when I’m a little bit angry,” she admits! We have over 1,500 beautiful HD screencaptures from the film in our Gallery, thanks to Maria, as well as caps from the DVD extras, which includes deleted scenes and the original ending.

Check out the trailer for the movie and an interview Reese gave to promote it, below the thumbnails.

Comment by kristin on Mar. 21, 2012

Great feature! However, I dont agree with the Avon work. This is hugely commercial and she gets tons of money for it. Would be better if she was working for charity for free.

Also: I didnt like Reeses look in Sweet Home Alabama. Too skinny and with short hair. I LOVE Reese, dont get me wrong, but I didnt like her look back then. Sooo different from Cruel Intentions and Fear, where she actually had a round face. Must have changed a lot?

Comment by Elena on Mar. 21, 2012

One of my favourite Reese features!!

Comment by Jess on Apr. 5, 2012

Thanks for commenting 🙂

Interesting point about the Avon work there Kristin, I hadn’t considered that (I wasn’t feeling too well when I wrote this post so my brain wasn’t working at it’s best!). Knowing that she is paid for it adds a whole new feel to it, actually. It’s very weird to consider that someone is paid for charity work in this way. It leaves a strange feeling. On the other hand though, at least she is raising awareness about women’s rights etc., which is a good thing.

Mine too Elena! I hope you enjoyed the pretty screencaps from it 🙂

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