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February 28, 2011   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Public Appearances, Video Updates5 Comments

The first batch of photos from last night’s Oscars have now been added to the Gallery! Reese looked stunning I think … I was wondering what kind of look she’d go for this year, and I was so happy to see she’d gone for a full-on sexy and glamorous look. I was a little in awe when I first saw her appear on the red carpet on my TV screen! This may be one of new favourite looks of hers. She’s wearing Armani PrivĂ©, with Neil Lane jewellery (love those emerald earrings!). Once inside the ceremony, Reese presented the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, which (deservedly) went to her American Psycho co-star Christian Bale for his role in The Fighter. After presenting him with the award she posed backstage with him in the press room.

Post-ceremony, Miss Reese headed on over to the Vanity Fair After Party, where she was seen chatting to her good friend Michelle Williams, as well as Michelle’s BFF Busy Phillips, and Elizabeth Banks. Her fiance Jim Toth was also with her. It looks like she had a fun time!

So, onto Gallery updates! I’ve added 49 exclusive HQs from the red carpet/show/press room, as well as photos from the Vanity Fair Party, and of Reese rehearsing her presentation the day before. And further down this post is a video of the Best Supporting Actor presentation. This is just the very start of our coverage – check back tomorrow for tons more photos, videos, as well as any tidbits/quotes/articles/etc I may find.

And don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you thought of Reese’s look!

– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > The Academy Awards – Rehearsal
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > The Academy Awards
– Public Appearances > Events in 2011 > The Academy Awards – Vanity Fair After Party

Reese Witherspoon wore an Armani Prive gown. Her platinum and diamond bangle, platinum and diamond bracelet, platinum ring with diamonds and emeralds, and a pair of platinum earrings with emeralds and diamonds were all by Neil Lane.

Reese Witherspoon is sitting, wearing a stunning black Armani gown with the top band of her strapless dress in a beautiful satiny ivory color. No necklace, green earrings and two silver bracelets. Her hair is pulled up in a high ponytail, long length that is full. I like how the front is pouffed up a bit as it is swept back into the ponytail. Her voice sounds a bit hoarse. She says the Oscars never get old, she feels lucky to be a part of it. “Wonderful to see everybody get dressed up and be rewarded for their work.”

7:28 p.m. Reese Witherspoon poked her head out the car window, then… rolled it up and kept driving. All righty. We saw a bit of white and maybe a bit of black, and a very pretty updo. Judgment officially reserved until she at least gets out of the SUV.

7:29 p.m. Reese’s hair is awesome — it’s very sixties. The dress is a black sheath with a white fold over the bodice, and it’s pretty but basic.


Asked what’s going through the minds of Best Actress nominees, Reese Witherspoon said that part of you is thinking Please call my name, but another part of you is thinking Please DON’T call my name, “because then you have to give a speech–and that’s the most terrifying part.”


I could have cried, for any number of reasons, but I was jolted back to my responsibilities by the sight of another former St. Louisan, best actor favorite Colin Firth, who was so besieged by reporters that Reese Witherspoon was able to pass behind the gracious nominee almost unnoticed.


Also wearing Neil Lane tonight :

* Reese Witherspoon, glamorous as can be in his diamond and platinum bangle (35 carats) $375,000, diamond and platinum bracelet (50 carats) $500,000, emerald diamond and platinum ring (10 carats) $60,000, emerald and diamond earrings (35 carats) $50,000. TOTAL Look= $1,000.00 (total carats= 130).



Comment by Mark Fowlkes on Feb. 28, 2011

Reese’s dress last night was, by far, the most elegant, glamorous and sophisticated at the whole affair. That ditsy whack-job, Cujo, didn’t even mention it, and I’m actually glad. He wasn’t intellectually able to see the gown for what it was. He always goes for the cheap, frilly, and tawdry and whorish. Class just escapes him. Had he talked about the dress, he would have degraded and besmirched it. Reese’s dress was the only one I could see being worn my Grace Kelly or Audry Hepburn, those icons of Hollywood high-toned glamour and elegance. Last night Reese was their rightful companion in the order of the Most Elegant and Most Refined. I applaud you Reese, cheers!!!
Mark Fowlkes
Atlanta, Ga.

Comment by Josie on Feb. 28, 2011

I loved Reese’s whole look. She looked like a cute retro Barbie.

Comment by noah lao on Mar. 1, 2011

Reese’s dress/style was actually graded A+ at the Entertainment Weekly website. Nice job Reese!

Comment by Kristin on Mar. 2, 2011

Reese is gorgeous, always, she never goes wrong! I couldnt find a video, did you have one..?

Comment by sjes on Mar. 9, 2011

Loved her dress, she looked classy as always

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