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January 2, 2009   •  Category: News & Gossip, Site Updates4 Comments

Well 2009 is now upon us! We want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and good luck at keeping to all your new years resolutions!

We’d like to take a look back at the year that has passed for Reese Witherspoon. Here is a compilation of our favorite 2008 moments, by myself for Glamour Reese Witherspoon. Feel free to shout out with your on selections here or at the forum!

View 2007’s entry »

Best News: Reese return to CMAs – it was fun to see her back at a really big event! She also seemed to have so much fun! All of Reese’s admirable charity work with Avon, the revelation that she wants to direct [view entry] and that Reese seems to have found herself in a happy relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Worst News: The never ending film rumors! What makes this so terrible is some sound really good like Nice.

Favorite Magazine Cover:

Favorite Photoshoot:

Favorite Shoot Pic (excluding mentioned shoot above):

Favorite Event Look (non premiere):

Favorite Premiere Look:

Favorite Hairstyle:

Favorite Penelope Still:

Favorite Four Christmases Still:

Favorite Talk Show Appearance:

Ellen – February 28, 2008

Favorite Reese Witherspoon 2008 Quote:
“Do I need men? I don’t think it’s about needing men. It’s about love… Everybody needs love, Everyone deserves it.”

“Children just equal trash!”

“I love watching Angelina Jolie kick ass in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and I can’t wait to see her in Wanted. I would love to shoot someone. In the knee cap or something, just to stop them!”

Favorite 2008 Project: Penelope

Most Anticipated 2009 Project:

Monsters vs. Aliens comes out for sure but because it’s only a voice there is only so much excitement for it. So if the Untitled Brooks Comedy made a 2009 release, definitely that I think.

Comment by noah lao on Jan. 4, 2009

hi i’m from the philippines and i just want to share that i’m also a big fan of reese. i am a bit frustrated she doesn’t work that much, thus the scarcity of news about her. But i still believe that this is actually good for her in the long run.

also, i read an item which says that according to a poll made by USA Today, Reese is the actor/actress that people would like to see more of. definitely a lot share our sentiments. she’s was also voted as one of the 10 Box-office moneymaking stars for 2008. She was on the 7th spot i think.

Comment by Amy on Jan. 5, 2009

Nice site, but I think you should put a new layout out! 🙂

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY great picks for Reese’s best of 2008!!!! not such a huge year for Reese career-wise, but still a great/fantastic one in 2008, and let’s all hope for an even better 2009, to top that, if she even can!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Amanda on Jan. 8, 2009

p.s. a new layout for this site anytime soon, just wondering??!!! it is kinda due for one….?? hhahaha not to be mean or rush u into doing anything at all, dont get me wrong i ADORE Reese AND this website dedicated to her likeness sooooo much, but yeahh just wondering about a new layout in the near-ish future??! thankss!!!!!!!! 🙂 i sincerely appreciate what everyone does to make this website possible and everything and all the incredibly hard work that it must take (i wounldnt even begin to know since i dont run a website of my own!!) to bring all the latest and best Reese news to all of her millions of loyal fans, like me. So thank you thank you thank you times a trillion katrillion for what u do to enhance my Reese knowledge and passion for her life and career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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