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May 2, 2007   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Site Updates34 Comments

Welcome to a brand new version of Glamour Reese Witherspoon! Mycah and I have been working overtime to revamp the whole site and to bring you brand new and refreshing content. We not only have a new design for the main site, gallery and fan archive but all content has been updated and revised and new features have been added, including the Extras section. There you can find fun features to rest your Reese knowledge with. We have also changed the news script from CuteNews to WordPress to improve performance.

Please feel free to leave your comments concerning the new look and features. We always love to hear from you. Last but not least, we want to thank you all for sticking by the site during all of these years! It is much appreciated.

Comment by emma77 on May. 2, 2007

the new layout is amazing.
the colours are lovely and the photo of Reese is so gorgeous!!
Very well done!!

Comment by Ada on May. 2, 2007

WOW! beautiful layout

Comment by lea on May. 2, 2007

the new design looks amazing… great job 😀

Comment by anom on May. 2, 2007

GORGEOUS!! :heart:

that picture of Reese from Harpers was my favorite, she looked like a godess, and its so different from how her photoshoots normally are (cute)…the only pics i would think that would have made a great layout apart from that gorgeous one, would have been the golden globes, because she looked increadible there (not so much at the oscars). and the other two are great too, i liked the gallery one particularly too.

Comment by Qi Wang on May. 2, 2007

Awesome! Thanks for your hard work.

Comment by Jess on May. 2, 2007

it’s absolutely gorgeous *jaw drops* the colour scheme is stunning. fabulous job as always girls, this is my fave site around :tongue:

Comment by ericliao90 on May. 2, 2007

nice new design!!

Comment by Walktheline80 on May. 2, 2007

OMFG! You ladies truly have the gift of creativity. Seriously, this is THE best layout by far! Gah, I just adore it! Fantastic, gorgeous, amazing, stunning, all those words and some that I can’t even think of!

Comment by walktheline on May. 2, 2007

That is a stunning layout and you couldn’t have picked a better picture of Reese. Amazing job by the both of you :biggrin:

Comment by Stef on May. 2, 2007

The new layout is gorgeous! I love, love, love the colors! The gallery and fan archive look lovely as well.

Thanks again for making CT Central SOTM. 🙂

Comment by Jenilly on May. 2, 2007

The new version is GEORGOUS !!! I like the website like this sooo much !!! congratulation, it’s really nice :tongue: Reese is absolutely wonderful one this picture !!

Comment by Samantha on May. 2, 2007

This site looks amazing! One of the best layouts I have seen in awhile. Gorgeous! Great job!

Comment by Filip on May. 2, 2007

I LOVE the new layout! The colors and the photo of Reese are absolutely gorgeous! Your hard work really shows, keep it up. :heart:

Comment by Daniela on May. 2, 2007

i love this layout, the colours are amazing! everything you did to the site is just great, good job as usual!

Comment by Jennifer on May. 2, 2007

Amazing! :yummy: You ladies are keeping the Reese lovin’ alive, and I love you for it. :heart: Keep up the amazing work!

Comment by Ivan on May. 2, 2007

I’m LOVING IT!!! parapapapa… Great work as always

Comment by Sandra on May. 2, 2007

Whoa! GRW sure isn’t the most popular Reese resource online for nothing! I can’t believe the work load you and Mycah have covered in revamping the site (not that it was in need of a revamp, but there’s SO much new stuff!) *_* The designs are all gorgeous, and I especially love the picture used in the main site layout – that dress on Reese is just, POW! :heart: I’ll be continuing surfing around yet, but one of my favorite new sections is the “Fans speak out”-one – what a lovely idea. Well done, you two! :biggrin:

Comment by Sara Amelia on May. 2, 2007

OMG, looove this new layout. Told you people would like it. Mycah! It looks amazing!

Comment by Holly on May. 2, 2007

HOT new layout! It looks so amazing! You girls are doing an excellent job running this site. Just absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much! Keep up the fantastic work. Geez, I really can’t get over how gorgeous this place looks!

Comment by barb on May. 3, 2007

totally awesome!!! :tongue

Comment by Lisa on May. 3, 2007

😯 Holy crap! 0_o I’m speechless, seriously. This layout is perfect. And I like the text bigger like this. Squinting to read updates is not cool, lol


Comment by Mark on May. 3, 2007

I’ve never commented, but the new design on the main page is very well done. From a technical and visual standpoint, I just wanted to commend you.

Comment by Mycah on May. 3, 2007

This truly made my day to hear such lovely comments on the revamp and the new design. Feedback is always very appreciated, I’m so pleased you are liking it as much as we are. I’m sure Riikka is very happy as well!

Thank you so, much you guys are the best! :heart:

Comment by Maria on May. 3, 2007

WOW!!! Can’t say how impresse I am with this new version! You 2 have done an incredible job! Congratulations! Mycah your 3 designs are stunning. But of course design would be nothing without good content – and we certainly get that here! Keep your great work up!!

Comment by Sylvia on May. 3, 2007

I was impressed by the new layout!!

It’s gorgeous!

Comment by Sana on May. 3, 2007

Okay, this is just ridiculous. The entire site is absol-fucking-utely stunning!
I don’t want to know how you managed this, because I hate you both! :tongue:

Comment by Gaby on May. 3, 2007

This layout is beautiful

Comment by sarah on May. 3, 2007


Comment by Riikka on May. 3, 2007

Thanks so much for the lovely comments! :heart:

Comment by Maria on May. 4, 2007

Site looks great!!! 🙂 Love hte new layout!

Comment by Jess on May. 6, 2007

Bloody gorgeous Riikka and Mycah!

Comment by Dustin on May. 13, 2007

the color is bright and beautiful…Reese looks gorgeous as always 🙂 😀

Comment by Eylul on May. 14, 2007

Wow! The layout looks amazing!

Comment by shahar on Jul. 30, 2007

Just wanted to say, WOW! The layout is amazing!

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