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December 23, 2009   •  Category: Films & Projects, Gallery Updates2 Comments

As part of the quest to rebuild the gallery, I’ve added DVD quality screencaptures of Reese in one of her first roles: that of Ellie Parker in the made for television movie Wildflower.

– Movies: Wildflower > DVD Screencaptures
– Movies: Wildflower > DVD Screencaptures – Menus

December 19, 2009   •  Category: "Four Christmases", Gallery Updates2 Comments

Reese’s movie Four Christmases was released back in November and I’ve added a ton of BluRay quality screencaptures to the gallery.  I went a little screencap crazy but this is the first movie of hers to be available on BluRay and I just couldn’t seem to help myself lol.  Jess added screencaptures of the R2 DVD menus earlier today and I will hopefully have screencaptures of the special features up soon.

– Movies: Four Christmases > DVD Screencaptures (HD)
– Movies: Four Christmases > DVD Screencaptures – Menus

December 19, 2009   •  Category: "How Do You Know?", Gallery Updates, Site Updates1 Comment

I found and added another small batch of photos of Reese on the set of her latest movie How Do You Know? These were taken back in June but they are new to the site.  In other gallery related news, DVD quality screencaps of Reese in Cruel Intentions and The Man in the Moon have been re-added.  I may not always make a post when I add older film content so be sure to check the gallery daily for new additions.

And finally, Glamour is now on Twitter!  You can follow us at @GlamourReese and as soon as we get a new layout up, the latest tweets will be featured on the site as well.

– Movies:  How Do You Know? > On the Set > On the Set – June 16, 2009

December 14, 2009   •  Category: Gallery Updates5 Comments

Hi everyone, my name is Jess, and Lisa has kindly let me join her on the staff here at Glamour Reese! You may recognise me from some of my other sites, including Nicole’s Magic and Kate Hudson Heaven, and I’ve also been an admin at the forum for a few years. I’ve been visiting and admiring this site since soon after it opened way back in 2001, so it’s a real honor to now be working on this site. Lisa and I are confident we can continue to bring you the best Reese resource online, and are working hard to re-build the Gallery and update/add new content!

Tonight I have re-added old magazine scans from 1993-1997 – there are some really fantastic old photos in there, so if you haven’t browsed that section before then give it a look now! I’ve also re-added all the photos that were from the Miscellaneous Pics section, again including some cute pics of Reese when she was little.

Magazine Scans > Scans from 1993
Magazine Scans > Scans from 1994
Magazine Scans > Scans from 1995
Magazine Scans > Scans from 1996
Magazine Scans > Scans from 1997
Miscellaneous Pics > Charity
Miscellaneous Pics > Family Album
Miscellaneous Pics > From Fans
Miscellaneous Pics > Other Photos

December 11, 2009   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Public AppearancesComments Off on Recent public appearances

Over the past few months Reese has made several public appearances including the launch of her In Bloom fragrance for Avon  and a keynote speech at the House of Commons about domestic violence.  Close to 200 HQ and MQ images from these events and more have been added to the gallery and I believe that our 2009 events section is now up to date.

– Public Appearances: Events in 2009 > Tea Party Celebrating Launch of In Bloom
– Public Appearances: Events in 2009 > Domestic Violence Conference at The House of Commons
– Public Appearances: Events in 2009 > New York Launch of In Bloom
– Public Appearances: Events in 2009 > Reese Visits Good Morning America
– Public Appearances: Events in 2009 > Avon’s “Champions Who Save Women’s Lives” Event

December 11, 2009   •  Category: Gallery Updates1 Comment

Just a small photo update tonight but I’m hoping to do a much larger one tomorrow in an attempt to get caught up on the most current public appearances.  The photoshoot section has been updated with some HQ versions of the Elle photoshoot from earlier this year plus a couple MQ photos from a Los Angeles Times shoot.  Also added are several MQ photos of Reese at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival.

– Studio Photoshoots: Photoshoots from 2009 > Los Angeles Times
– Studio Photoshoots: Photoshoots from 2009 > Elle
– Studio Photoshoots: Photoshoots from 2007 > Toronto Film Festival

December 8, 2009   •  Category: "How Do You Know?", Gallery Updates2 Comments

There is so much to get caught up on I hardly know where to start lol.  For tonight, I’ve added a ton of new photos of Reese on the set of her upcoming movie How Do You Know? as well as some photos of her practicing softball as she prepares for the role.  On a sort of related note… it appears as if the old gallery is no longer available and we don’t have access to backups of any of the files.  If someone out there has the scans/photoshoots/photos/etc. from this site saved on their computer, please email me at glamour-reese @

– Movies: How Do You Know? > On the Set

June 12, 2009   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Other Projects, Public Appearances2 Comments

A couple of days back in New York city, Reese previewed her new fragrance (as part of her Avon duties) In Bloom. Pictures are surfacing now and I’ve added the first available ones. Reese looks just stunning and so feminine at the event.

“It was a unique experience for me because I had no idea what goes into making perfumes. I thought you just pick a fragrance and it’s easy. But there were all these different levels of creating a scent that were new to me, but really fun and exciting.”

“I was really drawn by white flowers to get that sense of a steamy night somewhere in the South. Definitely gardenia is a big thing for me because my father — every Mother’s Day or on my birthday — would buy small bouquets or corsages for my mother and I. And my mother always wore beautiful white-flower perfumes, so as a young girl, that was my idea of femininity. It’s indicative of where I am today. I’m feeling very strong and independent and so happy. The fragrance really captures that feeling — it’s very sensual, very romantic and alluring.”

The fragrance will be available exclusively from Avon in November.

– Avon: Fragrance “In Bloom”
– Public Events: Reese Witherspoon Previews Her Fragrance In Bloom

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